Goodbye Silly Skrill, Hello Simple Stripe!

Paying a service provider should be one of the simplest things we have to do during our day, with the invention of PayWave and Apple Pay payments are becoming even easier at the physical transaction level. However, this innovation has still been lacking at the online payments provider level, well lacking until now.

At Greymouse Global, we have recently been struggling with the limitations of our online merchant facilities – not to mention the number of hoops our customers have had to jump through, just to pay their invoices.

So, some time ago we began the scoping and research to replace our existing payment gateways, and the ‘wish list’ for what we needed was pretty long! We knew what didn’t work for us, but also what was ‘clunky’ to use for our customers.

Stripe met those wishes, and we are pleased to announce that we have begun the integration of Stripe to our systems.  Stripe is a world-class payment gateway, used all over the globe by companies and not-for-profits alike. Learn more about Skrill’s other customer’s here.

The first stage of the integration is to replace the auto-recharge system.  For all our clients that have this option, you will need to set it up again via Strip, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the ease of using this new system:

  • No need to have a separate account through Stripe, just feed your data straight through your Greymouse Global account.
  • Setup your recharge with your credits and alert levels simply by choosing from the drop down boxes.
  • Got extra calls on? You can do a manual top-up of your account whenever you need to, regardless of your auto-recharge!

We think you’ll be pleased with this change, and we’re certainly excited to bring innovation to our systems, which is in keeping with our commitment to making Greymouse Global quick, easy and straightforward to use.

Let us know what you think of our new payment gateway! And please ensure you keep your account details up to date, so your conferences keep flowing.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Greymouse Global Team.

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